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Answers to some common questions we receive regarding our services and general topics of interest. Let us know if there’s anything in particular you’d like to discuss.

We believe that every car owner is different. They each have unique expectations on what they want to achieve when it comes to detailing their fleet of vehicles. From a daily driver to the weekend sportscar, the approach and solutions will vary to the most minute detail. All of our service packages have been designed to deliver precisely what’s required for each individual vehicle. Please drop by to enquire with our Sales Consultants for complete details, recommendations plus special packages most suited to you.

There is no existing product on the market guaranteed to last for 10 years or longer. Even if they do, we cannot expect to enjoy the same “freshly coated” finish on the car for such a long time unless it’s kept in the garage and never driven. These unrealistic and over-promising claims are usually made by smaller outlets or fly-by-night operations out to make a quick buck without the obligation of having to live up to their reputation like more established brands. In many instances, the contractual fine print and warranty exclusions are also often hidden and consumers end up feeling deceived after that. For more information on the line of products we carry, please call us at 1700 81 7569.

The misconception that no maintenance is required at all for the lifetime of a coated car is incorrect. While the coating will remain on the car for a very long time indefinitely, some of its visual properties will diminish over time. Due to factors such as improper care, infrequent washing, accidents, or exposure to damaging elements during your daily travels, additional detailing and repairs may need to be performed from time to time.

We could offer free maintenance in the form of basic washes or simple treatments, but these alone are not sufficient to restore the brand new, just-coated appearance that our customers demand for. This higher level of perfection requires more than what complimentary  sessions can offer. The charges you pay are for these mini-detailing sessions and cover the use of products and labour to ensure that your car looks its best for as long as it remains under our care.

Like any other retail service, the auto detailing industry consists of a wide range of operators catering to different levels of customer requirements and experience. With such diverse offerings at various price points, you can anticipate large discrepancies in terms of the quality standards, grades of equipment or products used, customer service and the overall outcome achieved when shopping around for the perfect place to send your car.

There are indeed many cheaper alternatives around, while at the same time you will also find a few higher-priced versions of what we offer elsewhere. At the end of the day, we have worked hard to create a full-service experience with consistent and exceptional results using some of the highest quality products available in the market in order to meet the expectations of our clientele.

Our fully-equipped detailing centre is currently only located in Sg Penchala, Damansara. RV Sprayworks which provides custom body and paint services is just a few minutes’ drive away in Taman Mayang. While over at TPC KL in Bukit Kiara, our RV Express outlet offers car wash and quick treatments for your convenient in-and-out visits.

We offer a wide range of packages to suit most budgets and requirements. Our most basic detailing and coating package starts at only RM1,400 for those who are looking for an excellent result at affordable pricing. Other individual services, treatments and customised bundles are also available upon detailed discussions with our team of knowledgeable Sales Consultants at our studio.

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