How It Started

REGAL VALET was established in 2010 to be the premier destination for all your car styling needs. Within an array of unique services and offerings, our main capability lies in offering one-stop all-solutions convenience with core specialization in professional auto-detailing services.

With several flagship outlets across the Klang Valley today, we are most renowned for our expertise in paintwork recovery, paint protection plus premium maintenance care for both the exterior and interior of your vehicle. Being the only certified GYEON detailer in Malaysia, our highly trained specialists also take pride in using only the best and safest products from reputable manufacturers around the world.

The RV Advantage

At first glance, you may think we are just one of many car wash or wax shops scattered around town. In fact, most people will think that the conventional car wash at your neighbourhood gas station equates a proper car detailing session. We are here to tell you that it could not be further from the truth!

A standard car wash will only remove surface dirt that the car accumulates, but will not protect or enhance its finish. It will not protect it from harsh environmental effects, such as damaging UV rays or corrosive acid rain. Therefore, a simple car wash is completely insufficient to care for your vehicle in the long run. On the other hand, regular professional detailing will help restore the original beauty of your vehicle’s finish and protect it from harsh environmental conditions.

At REGAL VALET, every vehicle will be given the royal touch. We spare no effort and expense ensuring the most delicate care and meticulous attention to detail onto your vehicle by our dedicated and highly skilled staff. After every session, we guarantee that you will be delighted to discover an aesthetically superb finish with the maximum protection your vehicle deserves.

Our Promise

As an established brand with unmatched credentials and a proven track record, you can always trust the REGAL VALET name to represent:

  • Premium products of superior quality and effectiveness
  • Professional workmanship by highly skilled specialists
  • High value and return for your hard-earned money
  • Genuine customer service and care from every staff
  • Transparency, honesty and integrity in all interactions

Thank you for your interest. We look forward to further sharing the RV experience with you.